X-Files Fanfic

Characters stolen for non-profit purposes from
Chris Carter and company.  Mind the ratings,
please, and remember that some stories may
feature relationships between two people of the
same gender and possibly homoerotic content.
(Or maybe I just like typing that word..)

Just Another Night
10K, X-Files/Highlander crossover.  Sort of Mulder/Krycek.
PWP m/m slash, rated NC-17.

Sequel: Just Another Night
17K, X-Files/Highlander crossover.  Mulder/Cory and
Mulder/Krycek.  Slash, NC-17.

The Unexpected
12K, X-Files, Mulder/Krycek.  A slash PWP, rated NC-17.

A Rat's Life

An X-Files/Highlander crossover, Mulder/Cory Raines as well
as Mulder/Krycek UST.  Krycek has been bad, so the powers
that be turn him into a rat and put him in Mulder's unwitting care.
It is, of course, m/m slash, so beware.

Part One - 7K, rated NC-17.

Part Two - 15K, rated NC-17.

Part Three - 20K, rated NC-17.

Manipulations of the Heart

Another X-Files/Highlander, pairing Mulder and Cory Raines.
Mulder, a student at Oxford, gets tangled up in an abusive
relationship with Professor Grysher.  Cory untangles him.
The whole thing is rated NC-17 and is very much a work in
progress, so beware.

Prologue - 9K.    Part Four - 21K.

Part One - 19K.    Part Five - 6K.

Part Two - 6K.    Part Six - 16K.

Part Three - 9K.    Part Seven - 12K.

A Different View
14K.  A snippet set in the Manipulations Universe.
Mulder/Kronos (and a witness), rated NC-17.

Revelations I (NEW!)
20K.  Another spin-off from the Manipulations Universe.
Mulder/Krycek, rated NC-17.

Revelations II (in progress) - 4K. (NEW!)

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